The Cheltenham High School Alumni Association gratefully acknowledges the following monetary donations. We apologize for not listing some of these donations in a more timely fashion.

The class of 1962 donation $1,800. to the high school.    January, 2013

The class of 1962 donated $1,000. To the alumni association.  January, 2013


Class of 1971 donated $250.00 to the Alumni Association-Jan. 2012


The Class of 1952, has donated $1000 to the Scholarship Fund.




Elisabeth Thompson,’57

Barbara Prusky Maimon,’57

Christine Neary Rappaport,’89

Barbara Netter Schwartz,’67

Mable Schoen Pinkerton,’29

Judy Asher Eisner,’61

Judith Simon King,’62

Brenda Gillette Tate,’69

Kathryn Alburger Herwitt,’47


Carl Tucker,’39

David L. Goldstein,’76

Jonathan Orenstein,’76

Richard M. Weiss,’63

George Woody,’56

Donald Mathis,’65

Charles E. Alburger,’47

Robert A. MacFarland,’63

Glen Tobias,’59


Susan Foreman Garber’61, has donated the November, 21 1959 Cheltenham vs Abington football program to the Alumni.

The Class of 1981, donated  $300 to our operating fund. 

The Class of 1962, donated $250 toward a one-time scholarship to a member of the class of 2004, $250 for our operating fund and $500 to be used to purchase books in the high school library.

Mrs. Jacklyn Schloss, donated $1,000 to our scholarship fund  in memory of David Schloss, ’43 and David Suckle, ’84. The scholarship was awarded to a member of the class of 2004.  This is the second year Mrs. Schloss has donated $1,000.

Mrs. Phyllis Lowe, donated $2,100 to our scholarship fund in memory of her late husband, the Honorable Richard S. Lowe, ’42 and a member of the CHS Hall of Fame. She also donated $400. to the CHS library.

Bernard B. Rothschild, ’32 once again donated $500 to our scholarship fund.  

Simone Zander Brunn, ’44 once again donated $100 to our scholarship fund.

James A. Fligg, ’46 donated $100 to our scholarship fund.

Roger Bissinger, ’43 donated $100 to our scholarship fund in memory of David Schloss, ’43.

Recently retired CHS principal, Joseph Rodgers donated $104 to the graduating class of 2004 to be used as “seed” money for their first reunion. Joe has provided “seed” money to every graduating class since 1988.

Frieda Wolf Alkus, ’44; donated $100 to our scholarship fund.

Herbert Bissell, ’25; donated $100 to our scholarship fund in memory of Ms. Hargis, a former Latin teacher.

Beth Cohen Manin, ’82; donated $25 to our scholarship fund in honor of former teacher Tom Conway who retired in 2003.

Denise Horton Jackson, “64; donated $100 in memory of former language arts teacher Aurora Malfitano.


Class of 1977, donated $500 for the lights on the football field.


Class of 1953,  donated $4,500 to the scholarship fund. ($500 scholarship for the next  eight years) The first recipient was in the class of 2004.


A donation was made in honor of Rose Marley from the Cheltenham Township Adult School.



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