Class of 1953-held a highly successful 55th reunion on Sunday, November 9, 2008. Almost 100 classmates and guests gathered at the William Penn Inn in Gwynedd, PA.

Sixty classmates attended a leisurely brunch with time to catch up and reminisce. The class also acknowledged the thirty-five deceased classmates. The event was co-chaired by Ruth and Walter Mannherz.


Class of 1963 turned 63 at their 45th reunion held at Melrose Country Club on October 18, 2008.  Over 100 classmates attended and renewed friendships and (re)told and revised stores from those glory days. The DJ’s “hit list,” still familiar to many, included: He’s So Fine (Chiffons,) It’s My Part (Leslie Gore,) and “The “Wonderer (Dion and the Belmonts.) A DVD produced by Michael Tabas is available through our website (Cheltenham High School Class of

Photos and comments can also be viewed at the website. A great time was had by all and the class looks forward to their 50th.


Class of 1968 held their 40th reunion on November 7 and 8, 2008 was a resounding success. The committee decided to have a two-day event. The Friday evening venue was at Spring Mill Manor in Ivyland, PA. Dinner was a stations buffet with a cash bar. On Saturday, the committee decided to have an open house at CHS. The atmosphere was very relaxed on Saturday. The Committee members were: Stu Sarhik, Jeb Breit, Irene Cooper, Dough Crompton, Barbara Dando, Dave Friebel, Chris and Susan Levey, Hall Shanis, Carol Shore and Sherry Horowitz.  Our treasurer was Irene Cooper. Music was provided by Eddie Bruce Entertainment. Many former teachers attended on Saturday. Attending were: Ron Dellecker, Jim O’Reilly, William Norton, Ed Bringhurst, Wilma Slyoff, Kay Dubie Stretton, Harvey Fleegler, Dale Sander, Len DePue, Linda Lonsinger and Joe Nejman. The committee put aside $2,000. in the Alumni Association’s escrow account to be used for the next reunion. The class gave $500. to the Alumni Association and $1,000. to the high school to be used for a specific item/s. See for our website.


Class of 1978 held their 30th reunion on November 28, 2008 at Maggio’s Ballroom in Southampton, PA. The Alumni Association has been told that it could not have been a more successful evening. Approximately 130 people attended. Due to either good luck, hard work, or both, the class of ’78 has aged beautifully. Some have experienced a little hair loss, others a bit of weight gain, but overall, people look amazing. There were many stories shared of antics from as far back as elementary school and it was as if no time had passed as we reconnected with each other.  Sadly, the class has lost thirty members. Their absence was the only dark cloud of the evening. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Fleeger, our class sponsor and his wife, joined in our celebration. Most can’t wait until the next reunion. Linda Fox Kline, served as the coordinator.


Class of 1988 held its  20- year reunion on Thanksgiving weekend, 2008 at the Blair Mill Inn, in Horsham PA, and, despite two decades having passed since some of the classmates last saw each other, they effortlessly pick up where they left off after graduation. David Robinson, class president, stated the following. “We are all so different now, each of us separately experiencing life’s many joys and sorrows, yet fundamentally we all seem to retain the core personalities and characteristics we knew and loved about each other.” How many heart to heart conversations and stroll down memory lane can one have in four hours? Many classmates were relieved that an “after party” at a nearby restaurant was scheduled. According to Robinson, “while I suppose all classes are special in some ways, the Class of 1988 exhibits enduring warmth and sensitivity that we believe is extraordinary, and I continue to feel fortunate to have been a part of such an intimate and strong group of quality people.”


Class of 1993 held their 15th reunion on November 28, 2008 at Lucky Strikes in Philadelphia. Approximately fifty people attended an enjoyed appetizers, drinks and most importantly good times with old friends!  People came from all over the country to be part of their reunion.  From California, Missouri, New York, New Jersey, or right here in Pennsylvania, graduates came to see old friends, reminisce about high school adventuress and enjoy the company of their classmates. Many attended with spouses. Some brought pictures of their children and others came with glowing faces of pregnancy, while others were enjoying the adventures of single life. It is hoped that many more classmates will attend the next reunion.


Class of 1998 held their reunion on November 29, 2008 at Downey’s at Front and South Streets in Phila. Approximately 100 classmates and significant others attended. Class members spent time catching up with one another while the DJ’s music played in the background for the first three hours. At 10:30, two songs were performed live by Ellie, aka classmate Louisa Gyandoh, who recently released her debut album. A good time was had by all.

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