Remember to get EVERYTHING in writing!


1 year before reunion or sooner:


Getting organized

a.      set up a committee, collect seed money, begin people search

b.     assign tasks to committee members

c.      decide when and where to have reunion

d.     open bank account

e.      contact alumni association (215)886-4697, Email:  What assistance is available from the alumni association?

f.        determine if class has money in escrow account with Alumni Association.  Obtain a current list of names and addresses.


Create a budget:

a.      set up a tentative budget

b.     determine cost per person


The foundation:

a.      mail out first announcement with pertinent information.

b.     request personal biographies, pictures, etc, for reunion directory or memory albums.

c.      select and hire entertainment, and photographer/videographer

d.     plan any special events

e.      organize paperwork and keep files

f.        obtain event insurance if needed.

g.     plan on giving a donation to the CHS Alumni Association.


9 months before reunion:


Create an ambience:

a.      design invitations and response cards. Seek out prices from printers.

b.     decide who will accept response cards.

c.      decision to be made as to whether there will be mementos/souvenirs i.e., mugs/pencils/t-shirts.

d.     reserve Cheltenham High School banner by contacting alumni office.

e.      if committee has not done so, determine coast per person before mailing out invitations.

f.        edit personal histories received from classmates.


Getting people there

a.      continue trying to find “missing” classmates.


6 months before reunion:


Reunion décor

a.      plan decorations, displays/centerpieces.

b.     plan for any mementos/souvenirs/awards/door prizes/t-shirts.

c.      make plans for name or photo tags.


Information for directory:

a.      continue editing personal histories, update addresses and phone numbers.


3 months before reunion:



a.      continue editing personal histories, update addresses and phone numbers.

b.     select a printer who will prepare directory.

c.      order souvenirs, i.e. mugs/pencils/t-shirts and awards.

d.     start making table centerpieces.

e.      seek out door prizes.

f.        prepare for any oral program or special announcements.

g.     advertise reunion information in local papers and on cable TV.


6 weeks before reunion:

            a. mail invitations.


1 month before reunion:

            a. continue editing histories, update address list and phone numbers.

            b. start making name tags.

            c. make signs for registration table.


2 weeks before reunion:

            a. verify event attendance, prepare list of paid classmates/guests.

            b. confirm logistics with the entertainer, photographer/videographer/balloon supplier/florist

                 and any other vendor.

            c. verify delivery of donated door prizes.

d. finalize program announcements.

e. proof read directory information and send to printer. Check with printer at least 1 month

    to verify 2 weeks is enough time to have directory ready for reunion date.


1 week before reunion:

            a. prepare final list of paid attendees.

            b. make sure signs are made for registration table.

            c. provide meal count to caterer/restaurant/etc. Verify if there is a date for the absolute date

                for a final count.

d.verify room set up and equipment arrangements with banquet manager.


The reunion:


It’s reunion time

a.      bring attendance checklist.

b.     retrieve supplies, etc, at end of reunion.

c.      pay disk jockey or band.

d.     pay banquet facility.




a.      send directory/photo album and other hand-outs to those who paid but did not attend    


b.     send thank you note and follow up notes.

c.      send alumni association donation.

d.     close bank account once all checks have cleared.

e.      store, in a convenient location any supplies class might want to use for the next reunion.

f.        hold follow-up committee meeting to discuss reunion successes and pitfalls.

g.     send copy of invitation and other literature to alumni association for the class files.

h.     provide alumni association with final changes/additions to class list.

i.        provide alumni association with a brief summary (1 or 2 short paragraphs) of reunion

for annual alumni newsletter and the alumni web site.

j.        return CHS banner to alumni office. (If borrowed)




When determining cost per person include the following:

a.     cost of meal.

b.     cost of DJ or band.

c.     cost of souvenirs/awards.

d.     cost of any centerpieces/decorations.

e.     cost of directory/album.

f.       cost of photographer/videographer.

g.     invitations

h.     mailing postage.

i.        donation to CHS Alumni Association.

j.        miscellaneous supplies: name tags/post cards/markers.


Remember to get EVERYTHING in writing!


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