Cheltenham High School Hall of Fame

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Perry  Triplett

class of 1947
inducted in 1993

Perry Triplett

Local Historian

Perry Triplett, who led the tireless fight to create the LaMott National Historical Landmark, describes himself as, above all, a historian.

After graduating from
Cheltenham High School in 1947, Triplett began research on a figure about whom little was written at the time: Lucretia Mott. He formed the Citizens for the Restoration of Historical LaMott Committee in 1960, and to this day he has continued his quest to give Mott the respect he feels she deserves.

Triplett's training in the field of engineering led him to work with the Pennsylvania Department of Highways. His success in this field eventually developed to the point where he became the Consulting Engineer for the building of the
Second Delaware Memorial Bridge. In addition, he was the engineer for the New York Port Authority project for relocating the New Jersey Turnpike through Newark Airport lands in 1967.

Triplett, who has lived in
Cheltenham his entire life, has been taken different courses at Penn State, Drexel University and Temple University, and he has certificates from Temple in foundation technology for major construction.

Triplett has served as a member of the Pennsylvania Bicentennial Commission, a member of the Abolition Society of Pennsylvania, and as a member of the Cheltenham Township U.S. Department Interior Task Force. In addition, he is a member of the Fee Disputes Committee of the Philadelphia Bar Association.